November/December 2018

November/December 2018
by Cheryl Cohen on 12/28/2018


                       I hope everyone has had a good Holiday Season with family and friends!

We will be saying goodbye to 2018 very soon and I quite frankly am glad to see 2018 go! The year started off tragically for the Cohen’s with the loss of Spike and Mini! I have been quite busy with my mom and her cancer treatments, storm damage and puppies! I feel that I have not been able to give as much time to Paws Patrol as I would have liked. I am re-energizing and praying for a better 2019!

The holidays are always quite busy and sometimes difficult trying to work everything into our schedules. It can be difficult keeping up with our commitments while trying to make more time to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. The October storm made it all much more difficult. We did have to cancel some visits due to damage to some of the facilities that we visit. ACTO had considerable damage to thier building as well as AARC/Loins. We have taken AARC/Lions off of the calendar, per thier request, until they get relocated and settled.

We had entered the Christmas Parade and we had a great turnout to help with the planning and assembly of the float . A special thank you to Juanita Golden, Betty and Bill Livingston (were awesome and worked very hard as usual, and went above and beyond), as well as Beverly Nichols, Marilyn and Richard Morgan, Karen and Don Martin, Linda Grimes Kohrs, Rachel Durough, Mark and Cheryl Cohen. Unfortunately, due to weather, the parade was postponed and we had to withdraw. It was changed to the 15th and we had too many helpers that were not able to commit. A special thank you to Beverly, Karen and Rachel for contributing to and assembling all of the goodie bags we had planned on giving out to the children along the parade route. They did a fabulous job!!!  There was perishable candy in the bags and we decided to share the goodies with residents at PAL, Evergreen, Oaks and Wynfield. The residents were excited, very happy and appreciative to receive the gift bags! This made us happy that they didn’t go to waste, but instead brought a lot joy to the elderly.

Betty and Bill Livinston along with Cheryl and Mark Cohen took the float down and are storing the props. The good news is, we are ready for next years parade!  

I want to give a big thank you to Donna Franklin for making Paws Patrol her non-profit of choice on FB during her birthday. Her special day was in August and she requested that donations be made to us in honor of her special day! She collected almost $400.00 and we received the Check from FB at the end of November. Thank you Donna, Barkly and Bessie for all you do for our group and the community!!!! Please keep Bessie in your thoughts and prayers, as she has not been doing very well. The poor girl is 10 and showing many signs of aging! Donna has been very concerned about her sweet fur baby and I want her to know that we love you both and are praying for your sweet BESSIE!!

I am still working on the new website with Robert Thompson, but it has been delayed due to a challenging year. I hope to get it up and running by February.

Thanks to May Gillespie we were able  to provide business cards to our more active members! May has been very good and generous to our group! We appreciate Gillespie Printing and all of the communities support!

We had a nice Christmas Party on December 9th and missed those of you that could not make it. We had a pitch-in and had fun playing the Naughty-Naughty, Santa Game! Thank you to Bill Livingston who was the Santa in charge!  

I am working on setting a date in January for our next workshop and I am thinking Sunday, January 27th. Please help us out that day if you available. We need help mostly from 3:00 until 5:00? I will post it soon and I will also send out an email.

I hope everyone has a very happy and safe New Year celebration!!!        

Happy Birthday to our December Birthdays!!!

Karen Martin and Mark Cohen        

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