July/August/September 2019

Needless to say it has been a very busy and hectic summer here at the Cohen’s. I apologize for falling behind with our Newsletters. I have been quite busy trying to learn how to navigate our new website. Robert Thomas is our webmaster and between both of our hectic schedules it has taken much longer than we wanted it to. Robert will be attending our meeting on Sunday, October 6th. Our meeting will be from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. Robert will be assisting us on how to navigate the new Website and hopefully it will be up and running after that. I have posted the calendar on our old website and those who were signed on to the old site should still be able to signup on the calendar. Or, if you let me know I can sign you up on our new site.

Over the summer we have added seven new awesome teams to our group. Bonnie Johnson with Jill and Georgia, both are Australian Shepherds, Donna Cannon with Annie, a little Maltipoo, Virginia Johnson with Kelly, a miniature Schnauzer, Paula Patterson with Louie, a Portuguese Water Dog, Faith Holcombe with Luna, a Labradoodle and myself with little Yogi, a one year old Yorkie. Please join me in welcoming these new wonderful teams to our Paws Patrol group. 

In July we held a workshop and we have a couple of more future teams in the works. Diane Davis and Becca Miller are continuing to work with their dogs and will go through evaluations when they feel that they are ready. Our last evaluations were held on September 8th. Betty Livingston with Schatzi were renewed and they make a wonderful team. Our next Workshop is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, November 3rd and Evaluations are scheduled for Sunday afternoon, December 1st. Please check your expiration date and be sure to sign up for this evaluation if you need to renew.

I want to thank Beverly Nichols with Mandy, Betty Livingston with Schatzi, Prudence Milner with Buzz and Marilyn & Richard Morgan with Brady and Karen Martin with Baxter for always being willing to help out with, fundraisers, Workshops, Evaluations and other special events. They are always willing to go a step beyond and these events definitely take a group effort.  And, thank you to all of our visiting teams. I realize that life can get in the way with our volunteer work and many of you work and have other commitments as well. We appreciate everything that each of our teams bring to our group. Vida Gross is a friend of mine and is always willing to help us out and helps me behind the scene a great deal. We are very well thought of and greatly appreciated in our communities, not to mention that we are always in high demand. 

I hope everyone enjoyed the time off during the month of August. We went on vacation and then my daughter visited from California. We had a lot of work being done on the house, the final touch ups caused from the hurricane Michael and raising four puppies. I didn’t get all of my closets and drawers cleaned out, but I enjoyed my time with family. Then when September came I had a difficult time getting back into the swing of things. Our youngest, Yogi is now one year old and is also now a registered Therapy team. No longer puppies! YAY!!!!

The holidays are fast approaching and our visits will be worked around the holidays. We have some extra special requests ahead of us and I hope everyone will participate. On September 26th, we have been invited to give a presentation to anywhere from 5 to 15 children at Lake Park Elementary school, from 3:00 to 3:30 PM. I will put this on the calendar. Then we have also been invited to ASU for a destress day before and during finals. These dates are in October and November and I will also get these posted on the calendar. We worked very hard on the float last year and had a great float to enter into the annual Christmas Parade, but due to stormy weather it was rescheduled and we were unable to make the event. Hopefully this year will be better. The Christmas Parade is the first Saturday of December, please save the date.

Phoebe Volunteers we have been requested to send a digital photo of our dog volunteers to Juli Bruner of Volunteer Services and our furry volunteers will receive their very own volunteer badges. We are really excited about this. We used to have them and we have missed them, so they are bringing this extra little touch to our therapy teams. Everyone gets a huge kick out of the dogs having their very own badges. Send your digital photo to Juli Bruner or Suzanne Perrine www.jbruner@phoebehealth.com or www.sperrine@phoebehealth.com as soon as possible.

Please keep Marilyn and Richard Morgan in your thoughts and prayers. Richard recently had a hip replacement and we wish him a speedy recovery!

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