July/August 2018

 We are wishing everyone a very safe and fun Labor Day Weekend!!July and August were both scorchers!

I am looking forward to cooler temps, hopefully beginning in September. I hope everyone enjoyed our time off in August and I also hope everyone is raring to get going again, we have a busy schedule picking back up after Labor DAY!

Paws Patrol-Pet Partners Semi-Annual Meeting Minutes

August 26th, 2018.

Our last meeting was held on March 18, 2018.


January 21st, 2 attended & we gained 1 new team, Prudence Millner with Buzz

April 8th, 5 attended & we gained 3 new teams, Karen Martin with Baxter, Rachel Dorough with Elvis and Marilyn Morgan with Brady)

August 19th, 7 attended and it looks like we will get maybe 4 or 5 new teams.

I will schedule another Workshop for October 2018. (?)


Let me know if you are interested in visiting Phoebe facilities and or Hospice

Evaluationsheld so far this year, February, March, April, and August.

Our next scheduled evaluation will be held on September 16th, and at least one more in November or early December.

We want to thank everyone who assisted with the workshops and evaluations!! It takes at least 3 or 4 people to get these done correctly! A huge thank you to Beverly with Mandy, Betty with Schatzi, Donna with Bessie & Barkly, Prudence Milner with Buzz Paula Patterson with Abbie, Mark Cohen, with Smoky, myself and of course a HUGE thank you to Phoebe Hospice for the use of their beautiful Willson Hospice House facility!

If you have not yet received an Assistant Packet, please request one if you are interested in helping out with these eventsWe could use the help! 


We are requesting the following from our members for our files:

We would like copies of your Badges, or acceptance emails from Pet Partners that are usually received following your evaluation within 7 to 10 days after completing your online registration. You may fax them to me at 229-432-5411. If you are expired and still want to participate, please sign up for an evaluation. If you wish to be dropped from our emails please let me know. If you are in the process of completing your online registration then please remember to register with our Community Partner number #33948to receive discounts, expedition and publishing privileges.

We also need Phoebe Volunteers to share your Phoebe Badge numbers.

 This will ease the reporting of our volunteer hours with Volunteer Services.

We have also discussed the number of visits that we expect from ourMembersWe would like to see all members visit at least once monthly. We would prefer more frequent visits, but we understand that many members have other commitments.If you need to miss a month for personal reasons then you should make it up the next month.

Now that we are receiving donations we have discussed and decided that our New Members or renewing teams will receive a collared Polo with our logo, a set of magnets for your car/truck and an embroidered bandanna for your animal. We will also provide you with Paws Patrol Bookmarks-After 3 months of visiting at least once monthly. Prudence Milner has offered to assist our members with ordering the bookmarks. I will provide her with your contact information and she will get in touch with you for the information about your animal.

Bandannas are going to be embroidered at no charge by an angel named Bonnie! I want to thank Prudence Millner who sought out the information and pricing for us. Prudence also has information to have decals put on your car or truck if you prefer decals over magnets. She had them put on her truck and they look awesome. Pricing is $10.00 for one or 2 for $20.00.

Schedule Changes:

 Dougherty County Library will be every 3rdThursday evening now instead of on Mondays. Our Mondays were too busy already.

New Schedule Request:

Oaks, Dr Moss Orthodontist, Moultrie Hospital and Moultrie Library

Our calendar is quite full and we have a difficult time fulfilling the number of requests. I have added Oaks to our calendar and we will see how it goes with being able to fulfill this commitment?



I am very excited that we are now getting computer help for our website from Robert Thompson, but it will take 2-3 weeks before it is complete.

Special Events:

-Camp Good-Grief October 13th, at Willson Hospice House

The training sessions for Camp Good Grief will be on Wednesday, October 3rdeither at 12:00 noon or 6:00 PM. These training sessions are required if you would like to participate in this event and they last approximately one hour. 

-Christmas Parade is a fun community event and always takes place on the first Saturday in December which falls on Saturday, December 1st. Meg Farris is going to let us use her beautiful white truck!!!! THANK YOU MEG!!!! We should think about forming a committee for this event.  Please let me know if you are interested in participating and helping us pull this together. Laura Golden’s mother contacted Sue Hite and has offered to help us with this event. She apparently has float skirts and lights! This will be a fun event and I have already purchased props and goodies for the parade. We certainly could use a committee for this event! We participated in 2016 and had a great time!

Social Events

We use to have social gatherings with our registered companions, at least once a month to socialize with one another.  We have decided to resume these gatherings and Beverly Nichols has volunteered to arrange these gatherings for our group. Thank you Beverly!! Please contact Beverly if you have any ideas or suggestions for her.


We would like to see more participation or support from our fundraisers. We have asked our members to either participate in at least one fundraiser a year or make a monetary donation of $25.00.


-February we raised $10,000.00 for Laura Golden, thanks to the hard work of Sue Hite, Donna Franklin, Betty & Bill Livingston, Beverly Nichols and myself.

-Facebook Birthday donations (you can choose a non-profit such as Paws Patrol-Pet Partners to have your friends donate to) On my birthday I requested this and received $720.00! Pretty nice and easy!

Please consider participating in this fundraiser for our group?

-We participated in the Tift Market Bake Sale in March. This fundraiser was to fulfill our commitment to Pet Partners as a Community Partner and took place the day before Easter this year. Not as good of a turn out that we had hoped for, but we did okay. We were able to make a $300.00 donation to Pet Partners for the Sweets and Treats fundraiser they do every year in celebration of National Pet Therapy Day.

-PetsMart-adopt a pet days. We participated in on May 19thand sold baked goods, dog & cat treats, bandannas (not the same ones that we will be using) and cold water. PetsMart, Pet Supermarket, Oasis Day Spa and Studio 413 have been very generous with lots of items to raffle off.

The next opportunity to participate is on September 15th, but we have a scheduled visit at Lee County Library that day and evaluations scheduled the next days, so we decided not to participate in this one. We will try and participate in the Adopt A Pet Day on Saturday, November 10th.

DonationsThank you to Donna Franklin for updating our financials!

We are very proud to say that through our fundraising efforts, we have raised monies to assist with the daunting spay and neuter efforts in our local shelters Moultrie Colquitt, Lee County and the Albany Humane Society. We were able to donate $600.00 to each facility in memory of Ms Marty Harris!! I know she would be very proud of our group for all that we do for SWGA, as should we all!!! I want to also be sure to thank Dr Mark Cohen, our top supporter!!

We are making a difference, not only on a daily basis with our visits, but also within the entire SWGA area!! Thank you to all of our members!!! Thank you to everyone in our group for all that you and your fur babies give!

We have been in dire need of updating our bulletin board in the Phoebe Oncology Dept. Beverly Nichols has volunteered to update the bulletin board at Phoebe Main Campus. Thank you Beverly!!!!

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