February 2019

February 2019
by Cheryl Cohen on 2/25/2019


                                               HOORAY!! SPRING HAS SPRUNG IN SWGA!!!

                                                (Let’s hope the pleasant temps last for awhile!)

February has been slow due to Phoebe Facilities being on visitor restrictions. We continue to be on hold for the time being and I will let everyone know when they lift the visitor restrictions. I personally have been enjoying the break and have been trying to get caught up on a few things around the house. 

We had a workshop on Sunday, February 17th and had three in attendance. We are holding our next evaluations on Sunday afternoon, March 17th. Please check your badges and if you expire at the end of March, be sure to sign up to be re-evaluated.

Prudence Milner has requested we add Calhoun Nursing Home to our calendar. I know she and Buzz have been visiting and would love some help if you are available. Calhoun Nursing Home is located in Edison, GA. We have put Lee County Nursing & Rehabilitation Center back on our calendar. They have missed our visits and requested that we add them back to our calendar. Our next scheduled visit with them will be on Thursday, March 14th, from 3:00 – 4:30 ‘ish. We have also added Oaks Retirement/Nursing facility to our calendar and we have scheduled it on the same day that we visit Redbone Library. One hour at each facility keeps us within our 2 hour limit.

A big THANK YOU!!!! To Buzz, for selecting us as his non-profit group for his friends to donate to in celebration of his birthday. We received a check from FB for $111.00. Awesome!!!

ACTO has temporarily relocated  to the United Methodist Church due to storm damage. Our next scheduled visit is March 8th from 10:00 AM until 10:45. 

We have purchased and given Sandra Wheeles Rescue Pups and Lake Blackshear Rescue each, a Universal Microchip Scanner. We hope that this will help cut down on the number of shelter animals and return lost pets to their owners in a more timely manner. They are very grateful to our group for this special and much needed gift. I would like to have our Semi-Annual meeting on Sunday afternoon, March 31st. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend. 

We  have a busy calendar and would appreciate teams signing up to help with our commitments to the community. We have tried very hard not to add more sites, but the requests are endless. I put them on the calendar and explain to them that we are very busy, but will try to do our best to visit. We did cancel several visits this month because no teams were available. When Phoebe resumes our visits, we really could use 5 or 6 teams visiting to make these visits the best that we can and fulfill the requests from the various areas. We need to try and keep these visits to our two hour limit. I was asked about more Saturday visits on the calendar for those that work. I would be happy to add them if you would like. With evaluations, workshops etc., I am personally not able to add anymore to my weekends. We can discuss this at our next meeting. 

Please keep Linda Grimes and her husband, Dave, in your thoughts and prayers! Dave is not doing well and Linda has broken her foot. We are praying for both of them. 

Happy Birthday to our February Birthdays!!!

Linda Grimes and Mac Walters 


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