December 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

I apologize for having to cancel the Christmas Parade and Christmas Party, but I have had some things come up that have prevented me from being able to dedicate my efforts to these celebrations. As always, we sure could use some help with visits this month. I have tried to eliminate a few visits during the Holiday Season, but we still have many commitments.

We have an extra commitment to Lee County Library on Friday, December 8th, from 6:30 until 8:00. Lee County was given a grant to work with approximately 20 impoverished family over several weeks and this is the last week. They want us to come with our fur babies and have the children read to the dogs. Paws-for-Poetry, we need volunteers for this event and so far we only have two teams signed up.  Please sign up or let Beverly Nichols know if you plan on attending. 

We are very excited to help with the “Puppy Love Run” scheduled for Saturday, February 10th. This event will be a 5k run & 1 Mile Fun Run/Doggie Walk, to help a young Albany lady, obtain a Service Dog so that she can attend College. Laura Golden has seizures and she needs Bruno to help her live independently while at school. He will be able to alert Laura before the onset of seizures and also protect her during seizures. Please save the date and spread the flier around to friends and business owners that you think might like to get involved with this event. At a later date, we will be sending out further information along with an application to sign up for this event. We will be setting up a booth and passing out information to the public during this event and we will need volunteers to help with this. 

Please continue to keep Barbara and Richard Harden, Virginia Gray and her family, in your thoughts and prayers! 

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