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May/June 2019

May/June 2019 Newsletter
by Cheryl Cohen on 6/12/2019


      With July just around the corner, May and June have both been quite busy!!! Thank you for all you and your fur babies do for our communities!! We hear heartfelt thanks, on every visit we make, from clients, residents and staff, on just how greatly we are appreciated!!!!

      Our group is in high demand and we truly are unable to keep up with all of the requests that we receive, therefore; recruiting remains to be a priorty. We recently had a request to work with a group of autistic children at Turtle Park. Thank you to Beverly Nichols with Mandy, Prudence Milner with Buzz and myself with Maxine for attending this event.  

     Phoebe also had a special request recently. A patient that we had visited in the past asked the staff if she could receive a visit from Paws Patrol. Thank you to Karen Martin and Baxter who went up to visit with her that day! The patient really enjoyed visiting with Karen and Baxter and the staff truly appreciated their visting with her. Thank you, Karen and Baxter!!!!  

     Phoebe’s behavioral health has been asking us to visit for sometime now and we have added it to our calendar. We added this visit on the second Friday of each month after our 10:00-10:45 ACTO visit. We will be visiting Phoebe Behavioral Health from 11:00-12:00.  

     On Monday we received a wonderful donation from Phoebe in the amount of $1,000.00. YAY!!!! This money is to help us supply our teams with bookmarks to leave with patients and clients that we visit with. Phoebe facilities are a huge portion of our mission and we have been dedicated to them for many years now. We will be providing these bookmarks to our more active teams. Vida Gross will be gathering the necessary information from our members and she will work with Gillespie Printers to print them for us. Suzanne Perrine in Volunteer Services made this happen for us and the proceeds from the gift shop is actually where the money came from!!! Thank you Phoebe and Suzanne is awesome!! Let’s remember to support the Gift Shop at Phoebe! 


                                                  Cheryl, Maxine, Schatzi & Betty                                                                  

                      *****Paws Patrol accepted a $1,000.00 donation from Phoebe********

                                                           THANK YOU PHOEBE!!!!! 

         We held evaluations on June 9th and I am excited to say that we now have two new teams! Donna Cannon with Annie and Faith Holcombe with Lulu-Jane, they both received a Complex rating. We welcome you to our mission and look forward to volunteering with you!!! Our next workshop wil be held on Sunday afternoon, July 14th. Please spread the word if you know of someone that would make a good team. 


              Donna Cannon and Annie                                           Faith Holcombe and Lulu

     Our next evaluations will be held on Sunday afternoon August 18th. If you know of anyone that might be interested please let them know. Also, current teams need to check their expiration date on their badges and if you expire in September 2019, please signup for your renewal evaluation. 

     We are partnering with the Albany Humane Society with our Humane Education presentations and on June 7th we were invited to Merry Acres Middle School Day Camp Program. We spoke with nearly 200 children about our volunteer mission and introduced some of our therapy dogs to them. We also launched our new Humane Education Program and it was awesome!! A huge thank you to our friend, Vida Gross, who put our Power Points together for both topics. Vida also presented the Humane Education portion and it was fantastic!  I want to also thank our wonderful teams that participated in this special event. Karen Martin with Baxter, Rachel Dorough with Elvis, myself with Maxine & Smoky and Wayne Carter (AHS Board Member) with Beverly Nichol’s little rescue dog Yuki. Yuki was rescued from the Albany Humane Society by Beverly Nichols and is going to make a great therapy dog. 

      We have some great dogs and cats that come through the Humane Society that would make great therapy dogs. I try to keep my eye on these dogs and would love to place them with people that might be interested in joining our mission but may not have an appropriate dog or cat.

      As most you know, I have been spending some time helping at the Albany Humane Society and Vida has been helping out as well. Along with the employees, volunteers and other board members we are trying desperately to save as many animals as possible. If any of you are interested in volunteering we could use the help? You can help by just coming and spending time and sharing some TLC with some of these animals or, take a dog on a doggy date, for a few hours, or an entire day. It is good for them to have more human contact and to get a break from the shelter, exposure and introducing them to the public is a huge benefit. We are planning to take some dogs on Saturday mornings, to the Tift Market between 9:00 and 11:00 am. We will be selling dog/cat treats and human cookies. If you would like to volunteer to help with these Adopt a Dog events, please contact me for more information.       

      Karen Martin has volunteered to be our social planner. She will be setting a date and time for our next social event! Karen and Don have been very gracious and welcomed us and our fur babies into their home and yard for these gatherings. We will send out an email when we set the date but, it will be on a Sunday and will begin around 5:00 pm so we will miss the worst heat of the day. Please plan on attending so that our humans and our dogs/cats can get better aquainted and just have a relaxing couple of hours together sharing. 




April 2019

April 2019 Newsletter
by Cheryl Cohen on 4/30/2019


                                                HAPPY NATIONAL ANIMAL THERAPY DAY!!!

       Pet Paretners is offering a discount to their National Conference in San Antonio on September 20th & 21st. The discounted price is $325.00. If you are interested in attending please let me know. I am considering attending this conference. I attended the last conference that took place in Seattle. I networked with other groups, learned a great deal and connected with new resources.

       We held our Semi-Annual Meeting on March 31st. Thank you Karen Martin for hosting this meeting the snacks and beverages were delicious and the hostess was awesome!       

       Rachel Dorough and I met with Robert Thomas on Sunday afternoon to work on the new website. We are in the process of finalizing and tweaking the new website. Some of you may continue to encounter some problems signing up on the calendar. If you do find that you are unable to signup, please contact me by phone, email or text and I will be happy to sign you up. Rachel has also volunteered to be a manager on our new website. She will help get team members on board and familiar with the website. We are planning on integrating the new website with FB. We would appreciate help if you are FB savvy and would like to help us.      

       We have added Phoebe facilities back to our calendar and we need as many teams as possible to signup and visit to fill the demand so, if you are available please signup. When we have multiple teams it allows us to split up in groups to go to different areas within the facility. This makes our visits have higher quality while fulfilling the needs of the facilitlies. If you or your dog are not comfortable in a certain area we will work with you and send you to an area of your comfort level. We do encourage new teams to ease into longer more challenging areas. Phoebe Sumter is a great facility to get your dog use to visiting a larger facility with fewer demands.

     I hope all Phoebe Volunteers have all completed their Annual Update Requirements due to be completed by today, for both Hospice and Phoebe. If you have not yet done so, please contact Volunteer Services for assistance. I would also like to have a copy of everyones Phoebe badge numbers to ease the process of filing our hours with Volunteer services.

     With schools approaching summer break, we will be changing the Library visits. We will be taking the Thursday evening visit to Dougherty County Library, the after school Redbone visit off and the Satuday visits to the Lee County Libraries will change. Please watch the Calendar for these changes.

      We have a special visit with a group of Autistic children added to our calendar on Saturday, May 11th. This event ought to be very enjoyable and will take place Turtle Park, I hope you will be able to make it.

     We have added Lee County Health Care to our calendar and will be visiting twice a month per members request. Please help where and when you are able. 

     We have always traditionally taken August off due to the high temeratures and we will do so this year as well. But, if you want to visit an approved faciity during the month of August with your animal, you are welcome to so as long as you verify it with the Acitivity Director at the facility.

     We will be placing an order with Pro One for some new shirts to be embroidered, please let me know if you would like a new shirt or a different color? 

     Thank you to everyone that participated in our Annual Bake Sale, either by baking or donating, it was a great success!! We had a lot of bakers and helpers, Betty and Bill, Beverly, Karen, Rachel, Vida Gross, Marilyn and Richard,and Donna. Betty and I began baking cakes before Easter and wow, were we busy! We get better every year and a big THANK YOU TO BETTY LIVINGSTON FOR GATHERING MANY OF THE CAKE ORDERS!!! TEAMWORK!!!!


      Our next Workshop is scheduled for Sunday, May 19th from 12:30 – 5:00. 


March 2019

March 2019
by Cheryl Cohen on 3/26/2019


                                                          Welcome Spring!!!! 

                                      I hope everyone has been enjoying this beautiful weather!

      Just a reminder that we will be having our Semi-Annual Meeting this coming Sunday, March 31st. I hope that everyone will be able to make it. Some of you have signed up and a couple have let me know that they will be out of town. Karen and Don Martin have graciously opened their home and their huge backyard to host our meeting. This time our fur babies are welcome! Spouses or guests always welcome! This should be a lot of fun and I want to send out a big thank you to the Martins!!!

      We have a special guest attending our meeting, Robert Thomas has been working at building our new website and he will come to our meeting and introduce all of us and teach us how to maneuver it. 

      We held an evaluation on March 17th and I would like to welcome to our group, Richard Morgan and Brady! Brady received a predictable rating, congratulations Richard and Brady!!! Our next evaluations will be held on Sunday, April 28th.

      We will have our next Workshop at 12:30 – 5:00 pm on Sunday, May 19th. If you know anyone that might be interested in attending or want more information on volunteering with their animal, please encourage them to attend the workshop.

      I have contacted Phoebe and asked when we might be able to add them back to our calendar and I am waiting to hear back. It is also time for the annual Phoebe update, so be sure to get this completed in a timely manner.

      We have added a special visit on Saturday, May 11th from 10:00-12:00 am. We will be visiting with a small group of autistic children at Turtle Park. Please sign up and mark your calendars for this event. I will be returning from a visit to California so, unfortunately I will not be able to attend. The children are very excited to meet our animals. We have also added Lee County Health Care and AARC back to our calendar. Please sign up when you are available. We have a busy schedule and need the help with our commitments.

      Bonnie Fincher has graciously provided oor teams with beautifully embroidered bandannas for our fur babies! Bonnie also recently had a birthday. Happy Birthday Bonnie!!! We appreciate you and your talents!!!!

      As most of you know I am working with the Albany Humane Society and have recruited a school teacher, Vida Gross, to put together a Humane Education power point and we plan to begin getting into the schools.  We will need therapy teams to join us on these visits. The children will love it!!! We will be posting these special visits on the calendar. We attended a career day at Robert Harvey Elementary and Vida was awesome with the children! 

It is with a heavy heart that I add, a past member, Virginia Gray has lost her battle with cancer. Please keep her, her family and friends in your thoughts and prayers

March Birthdays:

Happy Birthday to Betty Livingston, Prudence Milner and Mac Walters!!!


February 2019

February 2019
by Cheryl Cohen on 2/25/2019


                                               HOORAY!! SPRING HAS SPRUNG IN SWGA!!!

                                                (Let’s hope the pleasant temps last for awhile!)

February has been slow due to Phoebe Facilities being on visitor restrictions. We continue to be on hold for the time being and I will let everyone know when they lift the visitor restrictions. I personally have been enjoying the break and have been trying to get caught up on a few things around the house. 

We had a workshop on Sunday, February 17th and had three in attendance. We are holding our next evaluations on Sunday afternoon, March 17th. Please check your badges and if you expire at the end of March, be sure to sign up to be re-evaluated.

Prudence Milner has requested we add Calhoun Nursing Home to our calendar. I know she and Buzz have been visiting and would love some help if you are available. Calhoun Nursing Home is located in Edison, GA. We have put Lee County Nursing & Rehabilitation Center back on our calendar. They have missed our visits and requested that we add them back to our calendar. Our next scheduled visit with them will be on Thursday, March 14th, from 3:00 – 4:30 ‘ish. We have also added Oaks Retirement/Nursing facility to our calendar and we have scheduled it on the same day that we visit Redbone Library. One hour at each facility keeps us within our 2 hour limit.

A big THANK YOU!!!! To Buzz, for selecting us as his non-profit group for his friends to donate to in celebration of his birthday. We received a check from FB for $111.00. Awesome!!!

ACTO has temporarily relocated  to the United Methodist Church due to storm damage. Our next scheduled visit is March 8th from 10:00 AM until 10:45. 

We have purchased and given Sandra Wheeles Rescue Pups and Lake Blackshear Rescue each, a Universal Microchip Scanner. We hope that this will help cut down on the number of shelter animals and return lost pets to their owners in a more timely manner. They are very grateful to our group for this special and much needed gift. I would like to have our Semi-Annual meeting on Sunday afternoon, March 31st. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend. 

We  have a busy calendar and would appreciate teams signing up to help with our commitments to the community. We have tried very hard not to add more sites, but the requests are endless. I put them on the calendar and explain to them that we are very busy, but will try to do our best to visit. We did cancel several visits this month because no teams were available. When Phoebe resumes our visits, we really could use 5 or 6 teams visiting to make these visits the best that we can and fulfill the requests from the various areas. We need to try and keep these visits to our two hour limit. I was asked about more Saturday visits on the calendar for those that work. I would be happy to add them if you would like. With evaluations, workshops etc., I am personally not able to add anymore to my weekends. We can discuss this at our next meeting. 

Please keep Linda Grimes and her husband, Dave, in your thoughts and prayers! Dave is not doing well and Linda has broken her foot. We are praying for both of them. 

Happy Birthday to our February Birthdays!!!

Linda Grimes and Mac Walters 


January 2019

January 2019
by Cheryl Cohen on 1/28/2019



            I hope everyone is staying warm. I am enjoying the cooler temps and counting my blessings that I live in SWGA. I love October through May, so I can certainly tolerate the other four months out of the year. 

            We are currently on visitor restrictions from Phoebe facilities and I have been checking the flu activity at the other sites prior to visiting. We certainly do not want to get the flu or spread it. Remember good handwashing or hand sanitizer during visits is the best prevention.

            Our next Workshop is scheduled for Sunday, February 17th. We will begin at 12:30 and finish by 5:00 or 5:30 at the latest. We can always use help with these Workshops especially from 3:30 until the workshop is complete. If you would like to help us out, please sign up on the calendar. I am hoping that we will hold our next evaluations on March 10th, please mark your calendars.

           I have some very sad news, Donna Franklin’s sweet Bessie crossed the rainbow bridge on Friday morning. Bessie was at home in her bed and Donna held her tight until the end. Please keep Donna and Barkly in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Bessie was a great therapy dog and often assisted as neutral dog in our workshops. She will be deeply missed.

           Please keep Linda Grimes in thoughts and prayers as she recovers from a badly sprained ankle. 

           We have added a special visit to our calendar in February. Elyse Loundenbarger invited us to visit the bible study group at the First Free Will Baptist Church on Westover Blvd., Wednesday, February 13th from 6:30 to 7:15. We will talk about our mission and the difference between therapy animals and service animals. Please sign up, or let me know if you would like to participate.

           Still working on the new website and I am hoping we can get it all together very soon. I’ve been crazy busy with the holidays, repairs to the home and four very young dogs!       


November/December 2018

November/December 2018
by Cheryl Cohen on 12/28/2018


                       I hope everyone has had a good Holiday Season with family and friends!

We will be saying goodbye to 2018 very soon and I quite frankly am glad to see 2018 go! The year started off tragically for the Cohen’s with the loss of Spike and Mini! I have been quite busy with my mom and her cancer treatments, storm damage and puppies! I feel that I have not been able to give as much time to Paws Patrol as I would have liked. I am re-energizing and praying for a better 2019!

The holidays are always quite busy and sometimes difficult trying to work everything into our schedules. It can be difficult keeping up with our commitments while trying to make more time to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. The October storm made it all much more difficult. We did have to cancel some visits due to damage to some of the facilities that we visit. ACTO had considerable damage to thier building as well as AARC/Loins. We have taken AARC/Lions off of the calendar, per thier request, until they get relocated and settled.

We had entered the Christmas Parade and we had a great turnout to help with the planning and assembly of the float . A special thank you to Juanita Golden, Betty and Bill Livingston (were awesome and worked very hard as usual, and went above and beyond), as well as Beverly Nichols, Marilyn and Richard Morgan, Karen and Don Martin, Linda Grimes Kohrs, Rachel Durough, Mark and Cheryl Cohen. Unfortunately, due to weather, the parade was postponed and we had to withdraw. It was changed to the 15th and we had too many helpers that were not able to commit. A special thank you to Beverly, Karen and Rachel for contributing to and assembling all of the goodie bags we had planned on giving out to the children along the parade route. They did a fabulous job!!!  There was perishable candy in the bags and we decided to share the goodies with residents at PAL, Evergreen, Oaks and Wynfield. The residents were excited, very happy and appreciative to receive the gift bags! This made us happy that they didn’t go to waste, but instead brought a lot joy to the elderly.

Betty and Bill Livinston along with Cheryl and Mark Cohen took the float down and are storing the props. The good news is, we are ready for next years parade!  

I want to give a big thank you to Donna Franklin for making Paws Patrol her non-profit of choice on FB during her birthday. Her special day was in August and she requested that donations be made to us in honor of her special day! She collected almost $400.00 and we received the Check from FB at the end of November. Thank you Donna, Barkly and Bessie for all you do for our group and the community!!!! Please keep Bessie in your thoughts and prayers, as she has not been doing very well. The poor girl is 10 and showing many signs of aging! Donna has been very concerned about her sweet fur baby and I want her to know that we love you both and are praying for your sweet BESSIE!!

I am still working on the new website with Robert Thompson, but it has been delayed due to a challenging year. I hope to get it up and running by February.

Thanks to May Gillespie we were able  to provide business cards to our more active members! May has been very good and generous to our group! We appreciate Gillespie Printing and all of the communities support!

We had a nice Christmas Party on December 9th and missed those of you that could not make it. We had a pitch-in and had fun playing the Naughty-Naughty, Santa Game! Thank you to Bill Livingston who was the Santa in charge!  

I am working on setting a date in January for our next workshop and I am thinking Sunday, January 27th. Please help us out that day if you available. We need help mostly from 3:00 until 5:00? I will post it soon and I will also send out an email.

I hope everyone has a very happy and safe New Year celebration!!!        

Happy Birthday to our December Birthdays!!!

Karen Martin and Mark Cohen        

July/August 2018

 We are wishing everyone a very safe and fun Labor Day Weekend!!July and August were both scorchers!

I am looking forward to cooler temps, hopefully beginning in September. I hope everyone enjoyed our time off in August and I also hope everyone is raring to get going again, we have a busy schedule picking back up after Labor DAY!

Paws Patrol-Pet Partners Semi-Annual Meeting Minutes

August 26th, 2018.

Our last meeting was held on March 18, 2018.


January 21st, 2 attended & we gained 1 new team, Prudence Millner with Buzz

April 8th, 5 attended & we gained 3 new teams, Karen Martin with Baxter, Rachel Dorough with Elvis and Marilyn Morgan with Brady)

August 19th, 7 attended and it looks like we will get maybe 4 or 5 new teams.

I will schedule another Workshop for October 2018. (?)


Let me know if you are interested in visiting Phoebe facilities and or Hospice

Evaluationsheld so far this year, February, March, April, and August.

Our next scheduled evaluation will be held on September 16th, and at least one more in November or early December.

We want to thank everyone who assisted with the workshops and evaluations!! It takes at least 3 or 4 people to get these done correctly! A huge thank you to Beverly with Mandy, Betty with Schatzi, Donna with Bessie & Barkly, Prudence Milner with Buzz Paula Patterson with Abbie, Mark Cohen, with Smoky, myself and of course a HUGE thank you to Phoebe Hospice for the use of their beautiful Willson Hospice House facility!

If you have not yet received an Assistant Packet, please request one if you are interested in helping out with these eventsWe could use the help! 


We are requesting the following from our members for our files:

We would like copies of your Badges, or acceptance emails from Pet Partners that are usually received following your evaluation within 7 to 10 days after completing your online registration. You may fax them to me at 229-432-5411. If you are expired and still want to participate, please sign up for an evaluation. If you wish to be dropped from our emails please let me know. If you are in the process of completing your online registration then please remember to register with our Community Partner number #33948to receive discounts, expedition and publishing privileges.

We also need Phoebe Volunteers to share your Phoebe Badge numbers.

 This will ease the reporting of our volunteer hours with Volunteer Services.

We have also discussed the number of visits that we expect from ourMembersWe would like to see all members visit at least once monthly. We would prefer more frequent visits, but we understand that many members have other commitments.If you need to miss a month for personal reasons then you should make it up the next month.

Now that we are receiving donations we have discussed and decided that our New Members or renewing teams will receive a collared Polo with our logo, a set of magnets for your car/truck and an embroidered bandanna for your animal. We will also provide you with Paws Patrol Bookmarks-After 3 months of visiting at least once monthly. Prudence Milner has offered to assist our members with ordering the bookmarks. I will provide her with your contact information and she will get in touch with you for the information about your animal.

Bandannas are going to be embroidered at no charge by an angel named Bonnie! I want to thank Prudence Millner who sought out the information and pricing for us. Prudence also has information to have decals put on your car or truck if you prefer decals over magnets. She had them put on her truck and they look awesome. Pricing is $10.00 for one or 2 for $20.00.

Schedule Changes:

 Dougherty County Library will be every 3rdThursday evening now instead of on Mondays. Our Mondays were too busy already.

New Schedule Request:

Oaks, Dr Moss Orthodontist, Moultrie Hospital and Moultrie Library

Our calendar is quite full and we have a difficult time fulfilling the number of requests. I have added Oaks to our calendar and we will see how it goes with being able to fulfill this commitment?



I am very excited that we are now getting computer help for our website from Robert Thompson, but it will take 2-3 weeks before it is complete.

Special Events:

-Camp Good-Grief October 13th, at Willson Hospice House

The training sessions for Camp Good Grief will be on Wednesday, October 3rdeither at 12:00 noon or 6:00 PM. These training sessions are required if you would like to participate in this event and they last approximately one hour. 

-Christmas Parade is a fun community event and always takes place on the first Saturday in December which falls on Saturday, December 1st. Meg Farris is going to let us use her beautiful white truck!!!! THANK YOU MEG!!!! We should think about forming a committee for this event.  Please let me know if you are interested in participating and helping us pull this together. Laura Golden’s mother contacted Sue Hite and has offered to help us with this event. She apparently has float skirts and lights! This will be a fun event and I have already purchased props and goodies for the parade. We certainly could use a committee for this event! We participated in 2016 and had a great time!

Social Events

We use to have social gatherings with our registered companions, at least once a month to socialize with one another.  We have decided to resume these gatherings and Beverly Nichols has volunteered to arrange these gatherings for our group. Thank you Beverly!! Please contact Beverly if you have any ideas or suggestions for her.


We would like to see more participation or support from our fundraisers. We have asked our members to either participate in at least one fundraiser a year or make a monetary donation of $25.00.


-February we raised $10,000.00 for Laura Golden, thanks to the hard work of Sue Hite, Donna Franklin, Betty & Bill Livingston, Beverly Nichols and myself.

-Facebook Birthday donations (you can choose a non-profit such as Paws Patrol-Pet Partners to have your friends donate to) On my birthday I requested this and received $720.00! Pretty nice and easy!

Please consider participating in this fundraiser for our group?

-We participated in the Tift Market Bake Sale in March. This fundraiser was to fulfill our commitment to Pet Partners as a Community Partner and took place the day before Easter this year. Not as good of a turn out that we had hoped for, but we did okay. We were able to make a $300.00 donation to Pet Partners for the Sweets and Treats fundraiser they do every year in celebration of National Pet Therapy Day.

-PetsMart-adopt a pet days. We participated in on May 19thand sold baked goods, dog & cat treats, bandannas (not the same ones that we will be using) and cold water. PetsMart, Pet Supermarket, Oasis Day Spa and Studio 413 have been very generous with lots of items to raffle off.

The next opportunity to participate is on September 15th, but we have a scheduled visit at Lee County Library that day and evaluations scheduled the next days, so we decided not to participate in this one. We will try and participate in the Adopt A Pet Day on Saturday, November 10th.

DonationsThank you to Donna Franklin for updating our financials!

We are very proud to say that through our fundraising efforts, we have raised monies to assist with the daunting spay and neuter efforts in our local shelters Moultrie Colquitt, Lee County and the Albany Humane Society. We were able to donate $600.00 to each facility in memory of Ms Marty Harris!! I know she would be very proud of our group for all that we do for SWGA, as should we all!!! I want to also be sure to thank Dr Mark Cohen, our top supporter!!

We are making a difference, not only on a daily basis with our visits, but also within the entire SWGA area!! Thank you to all of our members!!! Thank you to everyone in our group for all that you and your fur babies give!

We have been in dire need of updating our bulletin board in the Phoebe Oncology Dept. Beverly Nichols has volunteered to update the bulletin board at Phoebe Main Campus. Thank you Beverly!!!!

June 2018

Summer has arrived, high temps and humidity!!

               Please be sure to carry water for your fur babies and be mindful of the hot asphalt! 

     I apologize that I have been sooooo busy with a wedding and losing two pups of my own, not to forget the great loss of Bella, Sandy Knight’s sweet pup and Leigh Windham’s, sweet Robert’s Achilles injury and Mandy has been down with an infection! This has all happened since December 2017 and the beginning of the year for me, has been a very difficult one! But with that said, things are looking up on my end and I am more than ready to pour my heart and soul into our mission and moving forward. I currently am staying very busy with three young dogs/pups! All have great potential for becoming therapy dogs. Sandy Knight misses being part of our group also and she adopted an abandoned miniature male poodle from the Albany Humane Society and we have high hopes that they will soon be joining us again at the libraries. We miss Sandy so much and she was such a blessing to our group! Please keep her and her new fur baby in your thoughts and prayers!

     Our summer calendar is a little lighter and so we are able to participate in some special summer camps and summer children’s programs. We participated in Aspire’s Summer Camp at the Park in Sylvester during June and they were a great group of children. We talked about therapy dogs vs. service animals, animal safety and our Paws Patrol-Pet Partners mission. We will be visiting the Lee County library on Thursday, June 28th for their special children’s summer program and again at the Oakland Library Branch on Thursday, July 17th. We need as many teams that are available, never too many teams for these events. Please consider joining us on these special visits.

     Unfortunately, we have had to cancel a few visits recently and that is something I do not like to have to do, but sometimes we have to put our volunteer work aside and take care of ourselves and our families. We are not good company for our clients if our animals or ourselves are not in good a place or in good health. As we well know, by many of the clients that we visit, quality vs. quantity frequently is a choice we have to make in our lives. Canceling a visit is something that none of us like to do, but sometimes is a necessity! Mandy and Robert are in our thoughts and prayers with their recent illnesses and injuries and we wish them a speedy recovery! They are missed so much!!!

     We are excited to welcome  these new members into our group, Karen Martin with Baxter (a Teacup Yorkie), Rachel Durough with Elvis (Shih Tzu) and Marilyn Morgan with Brady (long haired Chihuahua). Karen and Baxter have already made a couple of visits and are doing great! Rachel and Marilyn have received their badges from PP and are ready to get started. 

     We have been busy raising money and have purchased embroidered and collared polo shirts from Pro-1 in three different colors, white, turquoise and fusia. We are giving each new member  a shirt, a set of magnets and a bandanna for their animal to get started with visits. If you would like to purchase an additional shirt the cost is $18.00. We are looking into the cost of purchasing bookmarks with a photo and information about our animal to share with folks on our visits. Thank you to Prudence Milner for investigating this and getting us a price sheet. I will following up with more information soon.

      Camp Good Grief is scheduled for Saturday, October 13th, please save the date. We take shifts spending the day on the grounds of Willson Hospice House with youth from 11 different counties who have suffered from the loss of loved one. These children are referred through their churches, schools, counselors and teachers. It is a fun and quite rewarding day, we look forward to each fall. 

      We have scheduled another date for evaluations on Sunday afternoon, August 5th. Please check your badges expiration date and if you expire in September 2018, please be sure to sign up for a renewal. Also, please remember to give a copy of your Pet Partner badge to Phoebe Volunteer Services to keep on file. I am holding another Workshop for anyone interested on Sunday, August 19th. Please let me know if you know anyone that might be interested in attending.

     We will be taking August off for visits so I am thinking that would be a great time to have our next Semi-Annual meeting. I have tentatively set the date for Sunday afternoon August 26th, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, please save the date. I am flexible so please let me know if this works with your schedules? We have a lot to discuss and I am hoping that everyone can make it.

Wishing a Happy Birthday to our July and August Birthdays!!!! 

July-Marilyn Morgan

August-Beverly Nichols and Becky Mills     


April/May 2018

This is a short newsletter, but has a lot of information. 

      We began rescheduling our Phoebe facilities at the beginning of April and are glad to be back. We also added a couple of extra visits to our calendar in April/May to the special education class in Lee County. We had a great time working with these children and brightening their day. 

      We held a Workshop on April 8th and had five people attend. Thank you to Beverly Nichols, Betty Livingston and Donna Franklin for assisting with the Workshop and Evaluations in April! Three of these folks have also been evaluated on April 29th and will be joining us on visits very soon. We are welcoming Karen Martin with Baxter, Rachael Dorough with Elvis and Marilyn Morgan with Brady!!!!! We are very excited to have thes ladies joining us!!! 

     We are having more evaluations this Sunday, May 20th and we have three teams signed up for this so far. One renewal and two new teams. We could use another person to assist with these if you are available, please sign up. If you have not assisted before, we have a packet explaining what your responsibilities are as assistant. 

    Aspire has requested that we participate in their summer camp program again this year, so I have added to our June Calendar. It is being held at Jeffers Park in Sylvester this year. Should be fun and it starts at 9:00 a.m. so it shouldn’t be too hot yet. These are always fun and the dogs enjoy the children. We have a bit lighter schedule during the summer. We do not schedule Saturday visits at Lee County Libraries during the summer, but they have requested that we participate in their summer childrens program which takes place in June and July during the week, please check the calendar for dates and times. We will be keeping Dougherty County Library visits on the calendar for Saturday during June and July.. 

   We will be taking August off as we always have in the past, this is due to the extreme heat in August and the start schools. I hope to have another Workshop in July or August, but we have not set a date yet. AARC/Lions will remain on our calendar this June and July. They love seeing the dogs and so do the folks at Easter Seals and they told us that they  want to meet all of the dogs in our group! Please consider joining us on these visits, I promise it is a very rewarding experience.

Happy Birthday to our May Birthday!!!!! Meg Farris!!!

February/March 2018

I hope everyone had a good Valentines Day!!!   & Wishing everyone a happy Easter!!! 

     Mark and I have had a really rough time since the New Year began. We have lost two of our very special fur babies and within one month of one another. First our precious Spike, to an illness that took him from us on January 3rd and then we lost our sweet Mini to a splenic tumor on February 7th. We are now down 5 registered teams if you take into account Mark and I were both registered with Spike and Mini and then Sandy Knight’s sweet Bella passed in December. I have had a difficult time getting and staying motivated. 

     I am very sorry to also have to share with everyone that one of our members, Barbara Harden, joined her Lord and her loved ones already in heaven on Saturday evening, February 24, 2018. Barbara and her beloved dog, Charlye, loved their volunteer work with Paws Patrol and were a very dedicated team before the cancer took control of her life. They will be dearly missed by Paws Patrol and so many who lives they touched. Her husband, Richard Harden, although he operates mostly behind the scene, has been a very active part of Paws Patrol and is responsible for our website that he and Marty established prior to Marty’s passing. We are deeply grateful to Richard for all he has done for Paws Patrol. Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers!

    On a more pleasant note, we are not only ecstatic, but also very proud to say that Paws Patrol-Pet Partners sponsored, supported and helped to raise $10,000.00 toward the purchase of Bruno, the seizure alert service dog for Laura Golden. Sue Hite and Donna Franklin were key to arranging, organizing and running the Puppy Love Run. In case you don’t know, Laura Golden is a local Albany resident that suffers from Epileptic Seizures. Bruno will not only be able to alert Laura when she is about to have a seizure, but he will also provide protection for her during her seizures and allow her to attend college safely and independently. Bruno is a rescue dog that has been being trained in Arizona. We will be presenting a check for $10,000.00 to Laura at our Semi Annual meeting scheduled for Sunday, March 18th. Bruno and Laura’s mother, Juanita will also be attending our Semi Annual Meeting and we are so excited to meet Bruno. We hope everyone will come and help us celebrate this very special occasion. We have been informed that WALB may also be attending and if this is the case then we may change the location to a more suitable public place. I will keep everyone posted of any changes.

     We are also inviting a few potential members to our Semi Annual Meeting as well. Please plan on attending and helping us to welcome these potential new teams.

    Phoebe facilities have had us on hold with our visitations due to such a heavy flu outbreak this year. I believe that we may resume our visits in April, but this is not yet confirmed. I will send out an email when I am notified and begin posting our Phoebe facility visits back on our calendar. 

    One of our teams made a special visit to Lee County School, Leigh Windham with Robert had a great time visiting some of the students. I have gotten nothing but positive feedback about there visit. Also, while visiting at Aspire this week, one of the students was telling us all about meeting Robert (the really big dog) during a library visit. We are making a difference and touching lives on every visit we make! Thank you to all of our teams for your time and promoting physical, emotional and mental health through the human-animal bond. Lets make 2018 a great year by stepping up our participation in these scheduled visits!!

    Beverly Nichols, Paula Patterson and I held evaluations on February 24th and we are very pleased to welcome two new teams to our group, Prudence Milner with her golden, Buzz and Donna Franklin with Barkly!!!! Congratulations to Prudence and Buzz, and Donna Franklin and Barkly, we look forward to visiting with both of these new teams!!! 

    We will be having another evaluation on Saturday March 10th at Easter Seals. We could use some help with these evaluations if you are available please sign up to assist. We only have a couple of teams to evaluate so we will begin around 9:45 and should be finished before 1:00. I have scheduled another Workshop for Sunday afternoon April 8th. Please encourage any potential friends or family that you think might make a good team to sign up for this Workshop.

Happy Birthday to our February and March Birthdays! 

Amy Jones, Mac Walters, Jessica Andrews, Fran Clinkscales, Betty Livingston, Amy Heidt and Prudence Milner!!!