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January/February 2020 Newsletter

I hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year! The holidays got pretty hectic as usual and I apologize for not getting a Newsletter posted until now. 

Karen and Don Martin hosted our Christmas Party in December and we all had a wonderful time! Thank you Don and Karen!

We had some special requests during December and It was great being able to make these visits happen. We visited ASU for a destress day during finals and the Phoebe gift shop’s Twelve Days of Christmas! Thanks to all who participated!!

I traveled during December and again in January and was so overwhelmed with how everyone pitched in to see that the scheduled visits were taken care of, Great teamwork and a special thank you to Beverly Nichols for overseeing things while I was away.

I would also like to point out that our participation with scheduled visits has been going quite well. It is wonderful having everyone participating and I can assure you that we are greatly appreciated within our communities! Thanks to all!!!!

We had evaluations on December 15th and we are excited that Beverly Nichols & Yuki, as well as Kayla Myers & Harley are two  new teams. Kayla lives in Tifton but, she has family here in Albany and would like to join us on some visits here locally. Congratulations to you both and we look forward to working with you both! We also want to thank everyone who assisted with the  evaluations. Our next Workshop is scheduled for February 16th and our next evaluation is scheduled for March 15th. Please assist with these events by signing up on the calendar. Let me know if are having trouble signing up for events on the calendar and I will be happy to help you.

A bit of sad news, Leigh Windham has decided that it is time to retire Robert from his therapy work. Robert is such a gentle giant and we will certainly miss him and his very sweet momma, Leigh. Maybe Leigh and another one of her precious pups will join us again in the future! Thank you both, Leigh and Robert, for your time and talents! 

Please keep Rachel’s sweet Elvis in your thoughts and prayers. Poor Elvis has not been well for sometime and has recently suffered a stroke. Please know that we are praying for you during this difficult time Rachel, Keith and Elvis!!

I will be working on the March calendar soon and also scheduling our semi-annual meeting for sometime in March.



September/October 2018

June 2017 Newsletter

Summertime heat has arrived!!

        Summertime always slows down for us with school being out and the calendar changes that we have, but this June has brought us new opportunities to visit some summer camps. We were able to participate in St. John and St Mark’s Episcopal church summer camp located in the Radium Springs neighborhood. Also, Aspire began a summer camp this year at the Clubhouse on Dawson Rd and another location at Lee County Primary School and I am happy to say that we were able to participate. We had a good time teaching the children about our mission and teaching them the difference between Service Animals and AAi/AAE/AAT animals. We also touched on animal safety and care. The children really seemed to enjoy our visit.

       We held evaluations on Saturday, June 3rd. I would like to thank our Volunteers that assisted with evals, Meg & Max Farris, Betty Livingston and Beverly Nichols, THANK YOU SO MUCH!. We had three teams signed up, but we had one no-show and one team that received a N/R (not ready). I am thrilled to say that one team received a Complex Rating. Please join me in congratulating and welcoming, Donna Franklin and her Boxer, Bessie!  We welcome this very sweet team and have already began visiting with them.

       We are having another Workshop on Saturday, July 8 and our next scheduled evaluations will be held on July 22. Please check your expiration dates and if your expiration date expires in June or September please register for an evalution renewal. 

       Please contact Judy Himes at 312-4333 or, if you would like to visit at Phoebe Facilities and have not yet taken their required Volunteer Class or the most recent annual update. Also, I want to remind everyone that to visit at Willson Hospice House or to participate in the Phoebe Hospice program you will also need to complete a Hospice Orientation Class in addition to the Phoebe Volunteer Orientation Class. To arrange to take the Hospice Orientation please contact Penny McCullough at 312-7050.

       Pet Partners has began a new initiative program titled “Walk with Me” I have ordered the information book for our convenience and to assist any of our teams that might wish to participate in this program. I will have this information along with the “Read with Me” information available at our next meeting. Please let me know if you would like to borrow them and read up on these two initiatives. You can also find information on website. 

      I am planning our next Semi-annual Meeting to be held on Sunday afternoon, September 17, 2017, please save the date. Paws Patrol now has a PayPal account to be able to accept donations and I am hopeful that we can get this account linked to our website in the near the future.

 Spotlight Volunteer this month is Sandy Knight and Bella (a rescure Toy Poodle).


Bella and Paws Patrol was an answered prayer. For several months I had the desire to find a ministry that would make a difference in people’s lives. Being a nurse for several years, enjoying caring for others and hopefully giving them comfort during difficult time and always being an animal lover, little did I know what God was preparing for me.

In 2013 a puppy mill was broken up in Worth County were I live. One Saturday shortly after that, I went to the Worth County Humane Society to get a companion for the poodle I had at home. I informed the person at the Humane Society that I was looking for a poodle or poodle mix but was not interested in a dog rescued from the puppy mill. They said the only poodle they had was a white one rescued from the puppy mill. I agreed to see her and the rest is history. Bella came into our lives and is such a loving, sweet fur baby. Two years after Bella joined our family I was reading the Albany Herald, which I rarely do, and there was an article about Paws patrol. As I read I kept thinking, Bella would be great doing this! This was the ministry I had been looking for, combining my love for caring for people and my love for animals! I contacted Paula Patterson who got me in touch with Cheryl. I attended the workshop in May 2015. Bella and I evaluated in July 2015 and became a Paws Patrol team. Bella loves visiting, especially with children.

Whenever she sees me get her bag, she gets all excited and ready to go. I am so thankful to have found Paws Patrol. It is so rewarding to see the smiles on those we visit and knowing Bella has brightened up their day.

Please continue to keep Barbara, Richard and Charlye Harden in your thoughts and prayers!! Also please keep Linda (Grimes) & David Kohr in your thoughts and prayers!

Wishing our June Birthdays, Paula Patterson and Cheryl Cohen a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!