April/May 2018

This is a short newsletter, but has a lot of information. 

      We began rescheduling our Phoebe facilities at the beginning of April and are glad to be back. We also added a couple of extra visits to our calendar in April/May to the special education class in Lee County. We had a great time working with these children and brightening their day. 

      We held a Workshop on April 8th and had five people attend. Thank you to Beverly Nichols, Betty Livingston and Donna Franklin for assisting with the Workshop and Evaluations in April! Three of these folks have also been evaluated on April 29th and will be joining us on visits very soon. We are welcoming Karen Martin with Baxter, Rachael Dorough with Elvis and Marilyn Morgan with Brady!!!!! We are very excited to have thes ladies joining us!!! 

     We are having more evaluations this Sunday, May 20th and we have three teams signed up for this so far. One renewal and two new teams. We could use another person to assist with these if you are available, please sign up. If you have not assisted before, we have a packet explaining what your responsibilities are as assistant. 

    Aspire has requested that we participate in their summer camp program again this year, so I have added to our June Calendar. It is being held at Jeffers Park in Sylvester this year. Should be fun and it starts at 9:00 a.m. so it shouldn’t be too hot yet. These are always fun and the dogs enjoy the children. We have a bit lighter schedule during the summer. We do not schedule Saturday visits at Lee County Libraries during the summer, but they have requested that we participate in their summer childrens program which takes place in June and July during the week, please check the calendar for dates and times. We will be keeping Dougherty County Library visits on the calendar for Saturday during June and July.. 

   We will be taking August off as we always have in the past, this is due to the extreme heat in August and the start schools. I hope to have another Workshop in July or August, but we have not set a date yet. AARC/Lions will remain on our calendar this June and July. They love seeing the dogs and so do the folks at Easter Seals and they told us that they  want to meet all of the dogs in our group! Please consider joining us on these visits, I promise it is a very rewarding experience.

Happy Birthday to our May Birthday!!!!! Meg Farris!!!

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